Hot Tub Spa Solution Purge

Hot Tub Spa Solution Purge

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Spa Purge by Spa Solution

For the chemical intolerant and the 'water balancing' challenged, there's finally a low maintenance, all natural and less expensive solution - Spa Solution!

Spa Solution Purge is a penetrating spa cleanser - the first step in transitioning your spa to the natural enzymes in Spa Solution. Spa Solution Purge is a highly effective enzyme-based cleaning product, and each bottle can be a first time or yearly treatment. Designed for Canadian use, this advanced, high quality enzyme formula is proven to be an effective alternative to the many harsh spa chemicals that may be in your current spa water regimen.

Spa Solution Purge is so safe, it requires no warning labels! No more time-consuming water balancing and chemical adjusting required - just add Spa Solution to your water and forget about it.

Directions for use:

1. Remove filter and add one bottle of Spa Purge directly into heated water of hot tub. If spa is older than 5 years, two bottles of Spa Purge us recommended.

2. Maintain water temperature at a minimum of 31°C and circulate water for a minimum of 8 hours a day for the five day purge period.

3. Drain and flush tub and its plumbing, including the filter area: rinse thoroughly and re-fill up the foot well, drain and rinse thoroughly again.

4. Fill tub with fresh water (soft water if available) and add one bottle of spa solution

Spa Solution is 100% non-toxic to all living creatures.