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Zorbie Spa Scum Remover

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Spa Zorbie! Removes bacteria, oils, makeup etc. from spas

Zorbie Hot Tub and Pool Water Bobbles Available through Distribution Channels in the Pool & Spa Industry.

Here it is... The World Famous "Water Bobble" for Pools & Spas!

When properly placed in the skimmer, the Water Bobble, removes contaminants right off the surface. Stopping the Bacteria laden Dead Skin, Body Oil, Makeup, from going round & round, within your circulatory system. The majority of the Dead Skin, will collect on the Zorbie, rather than congeal on your filter.

"Water Bobbles" last 30-90 days or until they settle low in the water, depending on bather loads.

Key Benefits

  • Removes Body Oil and Makeup

  • Removes Foul Odors beneath the Spa lid

  • By removing the dead bacteria laden skin, pH is easier maintained

Q. What does "Scientific Formula" mean exactly

A. Zorbie "Water Bobbles" are a unique product, made by mixing components in a proprietary formula. The components used have an innate negative electrostatic charge. The resulting finished product retains this charge and are called "Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles".

Q. How does an "Ionic Exchange" work

A. Weakly bound, singly charged (monovalent) ions such as sodium and chloride are continually displaced. More highly charged, doubly charged (divalent) ions such as sulfate, ammonia or phosphate replace them, throughout the life of the Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles.

It is ammonia that creates a growth environment for bacteria.

Q. What does "adsorb" mean

A. The electrostatic charge found in Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles, allows it to initiate an ionic exchange process to "ADSORB" as well as "ABSORB".

Q. How does "adsorption" work in my Hot Tub

A. When the tub cover is on, the portion of the Water Bobble that is above the water level is in continual reaction with the tub’s sealed environment.

Q. Why does it "absorb" better than other products

A. Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles are oleophilic (attracts oil) and it’s formula mix and production procedures create a unique, interconnected, cellular framework. The open cell structure creates networks of cavities throughout the foam, allowing oils to penetrate deep within. This feature combined with fact that Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles is hydrophobic (repels water), is what makes it the most superior oil absorbent in the market.

Customer Reviews

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These things really work!


Fast Delivery

Joe Bowen
No instructions, really

Should one squeeze it, upon placing it in the tub, so it fills up? Or, should it just be put in, floating high on the water? I'm guessing most people think it's supposed to be squeezed.


My earlier review should have been only 1 star! The star rating wouldn’t change. Doesn’t deserve any higher.

Sorry to hear that you are disappointed Holly! People love the zorbies usually, our most popular product!