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ProAqua Filter Cartridges 817 SERIES 817-0100P -

Hot Tub Filter Cartridge 817-0100P

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CARTIDGE ONLY for Clearwater II Filter - 100 Sq Ft

Improve the efficiency of your pool or spa pump with this FiltersFast FF-0450 Replacement for Waterway 817-0100P. This FiltersFast replacement filter combines three effective elements - punched PVC pipe, thermally bonded polyurethane caps, and spunbond polyester pleated filtration media. This essential combination of high-quality components ensures long-lasting durability and clear, efficient flow. It meets or exceeds compatible filters in longevity and performance, naturally preventing microbes like mildew, fungi, mold, and bacteria. It can easily handle large amounts of waste water and dirt, even during backwashing! You'll be rushing home after work to enjoy your pool or spa after installing this high-quality filter!