Hot Tub and Pool Filter Cartridge Pleatco PRB50-IN

Hot Tub and Pool Filter Cartridge Pleatco PRB50-IN

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Dynamic Series IV - DFM, DFML,
Series II & III RTL/RCF-50, Series I
RDC-50, RDC-50S, Waterway,
Custom Molded Products

PRB50-IN filter

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Peter Slade
Great filter

I have bought a couple of different filters for my hot tub and find the Pleatco filters are great quality, not going to buy any others.

Dave Mauger
Misleading product image

The product image shows two filters which I thought I was getting. Like buying a pair of shoes and only receiving one. I can buy cheaper elsewhere.

Mark Mitchell
Misleading advertising

The filter is fine. The product image is a pair of filters, which is what I assumed I was buying. I see now there is text saying it is not a pair. There's no good reason for showing a pair when the the product is a single unit.