DAZZLE Algae Resist 50 1 L

DAZZLE Algae Resist 50 1 L

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Our best preventative algaecide. Concentrated 50% strength so you use very little to maintain algae-free water. Ideal for regular weekly use to prevent a wide variety of algal species from gaining a foothold in your pool.

  • A concentrated, highly effective algae preventative
  • Our new 3rd Generation Active Formula
  • A traditional approach to controlling algae utilizing a concentrated chemistry
  • 50% concentration - strong so you use less
  • Low foaming
  • Easier to store


  • To prevent algae. A small application of an effective algicide weekly makes it difficult for algae to reproduce in swimming pool water.
  • Algae Resist 50 is concentrated so you use very little.
    • A synergistic blend of 2 active compounds for significant improvement in the spectrum of algal, cyanobacteria and other microorganism species controlled 
  • It works better when chlorine and other sanitizers are compromised, continuing to prevent algae when the risk of an infestation is at its highest;
    • Algae Resist 50 is not pH dependent. It continues to work when chlorine can be compromised from pH imbalance
    • Algae Resist 50 doubles its effectiveness with every 4°C rise in water temperature. Chlorine dissipates more quickly as water warms. 
    • Algae Resist 50 concentrates on surfaces, penetrating into pores and crevices, where algae hides. Chlorine can only go where the water takes it.
    • Algae Resist 50 is a powerful wetting agent, attacking the slimy membrane of algal species. Chlorine is unable to penetrate this membrane at normal levels.
    • The bottom line – Algae Resist 50 works better when chlorine and other sanitizers could be compromised. An insurance policy against unwanted algae.


  • Apply initially at the start of each pool season
  • Then weekly thereafter
  • An extra dose can be applied following inclement weather – heavy rain, thunderstorms
  • Can be used at pool closing for protection against algae over the winter months

How Much:

  • Initially – use 20 mls per 10,000 litres
  • Weekly maintenance – use 10 mls per 10,000 litres
  • Do not overdose. Algae Resist 50 is a low-foaming product. It can foam if overdosed or the pool water is aerated from a water feature or suction leak. Test a small amount if unsure.


  • For best results, always apply Algae Resist 50 approx. 1 hour after a shock treatment, as part of a systematic approach to pool care
  • Add by pouring the required amount around the edges of the pool
  • Brushing the pool surfaces should have been done immediately after the shock treatment. If this wasn’t done or the product is being added without a shock treatment being employed, brush following application to liberate stubborn algae from the surface.


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