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ClearBlue Ionizer A-800 -

ClearBlue Ionizer A-800

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  • ClearBlue continuously releases
    microscopic ions into the water that assist
    in controlling bacteria and algae

  • An ion is a molecule that has a positive
    or negative electrical charge. Because
    of this charge, ions are attracted to
    algae and destroy it on contact

  • Ions are picked up by the water as it
    passes over an electrode that is installed
    into the plumbing of your pool or spa

  • ClearBlue extracts a proprietary blend
    of ions to cleanse and purify the
    water, while leaving your skin smooth
    and soft after each swim or soak


Ionizer - for spas and pools up to 25,000gal. Package includes
1 system controller, electrodes, PVC tee and Cu test kit.