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Aquachek Test Strips

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AquaChek: Your Quick & Easy Solution to Crystal-Clear Pools

    • Crystal Clear Confidence: Test your bromine levels in seconds with AquaChek's reliable test strips. Enjoy sparkling clean, safe swimming all season long.
    • 4-Way Magic: Get 4 essential readings in 1 dip: Total Bromine / Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity & Total Hardness. Maintain perfect balance for a healthy, happy pool.
    • Fast & Easy: No more messy chemicals! Simply dip, compare, and know your water chemistry instantly. Perfect for busy pool owners.
    • Trusted Brand: AquaChek is the #1 pool test strip choice worldwide. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're using the best.

    • Shop Now & Relax:  Get your AquaChek Test Strips Bromine today and swim worry-free all summer long!
Aquachek makes some of our favorite test strips! They are easy to read and work amazing! Testing just takes seconds, dip a strip in the water and compare it to the chart on the back of the bottle.

Aquacheck are the industry standard for spa test strips. There's an easy to use color chart on the back of the bottle. The flip-top cap dispenses one strip at a time, making it quick and easy to grab a strip and start your test.