What is a Swim Spa? The Hot Tub/Pool all-in-one Combo

Ever thought about getting a pool, but don't have enough space? So then you are thinking, hmm let's get a Hot Tub, but they are just too small to swim in and don't provide a place to exercise or swim. Your answer has arrived! Introducing the Swim Spa! A place for you to be able to swim, exercise as well as relax and unwind in a hot tub section. The best of both worlds! The coolest thing is that with these, you have jets to swim against so that you can swim on the spot and never have to turn around.

Swim Spas are an amazing solution for people that are wanting a form of relaxation as well as exercise in a smaller space. They have been around for the last few years however are only just getting popular in North America. In a place like Canada where we are, these are an amazing solution to not have to close down your pool every winter! 

Some of the amazing benefits of a Swim Spa:

  • Space - Combine a Hot Tub and a Pool in one and save a tonne of space by doing so, these units are all in one and the jets in a swim spa require you to have no extra space for swimming laps as you just swim on the spot! 
  • Cost - The price of buying a pool and a hot tub far outweigh the price of buying an all in one swim spa. You will be amazed at the savings these can bring!
  • Exercise - Swim Spas can be used for a whole range of exercises, they are great for on the spot running, swimming, aqua aerobics, resistance training, physiotherapy and more! Then afterwards your muscles can relax in the warmth of the hot tub
  • Family Fun - These are great for the whole family, let's face it. Kids have a lot of energy to expend and won't relax with their eyes closed in a hot tub for long. Give them a place to play games, exercise and spash around with a Swim Spa!


We think that these are absolutely amazing, we have been selling our models for around 3 years now and we have heard fantastic feedback. Customers love that they can have the best of both worlds in one place and for a cheaper price and less space!

If you have a smaller garden and are looking for a pool and hot tub combination, this is the way to go. We have models that come in 14ft length up to 19ft and ones that have a combined area of hot tub and swimming or models that have no wall in between so you can use both easily at once.

 Please feel welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right Swim Spa for you! We are happy to help at any time