4 Steps to Remove Scum From a Hot Tub

Nobody likes scum in their hot tub. A yellow greasy ring around the top of the water line... yuck!

Luckily there are a few steps that can help:

1. Make sure everyone showers before entering the hot tub

A scum line is caused by oily material entering the hot tub through people's skin. It can be caused by lotions or other skin care products. A quick shower before using the hot tub will help prevent a scum line.

2. Use a scum remover

We sell several options of scum removers. They all work really well. Let the scum remover float in the water and it will act like a big sponge soaking up oils and grease from the water surface. The Zorbie Hot Tub is the most popular model we carry.

3. Keep your filters clean

Clean your filters regularly to make sure they are working to keep your water clean. We carry a variety of filter cleaning products. If your hot tub has adjustable filter cycles, you might want to increase the filter cycle time to at least 6 hours.

4. Switch to Mineraluxe

Mineraluxe is an amazing system for keeping hot tub water sparkling clean and clear. It decreases sanitizer demand by limiting the growth of algae and other organisms.

Try these steps and let us know what you think! You can reach us by email at info@hottubsupplies.ca

Happy soaking!!