How to Clean a Hot Tub

How do I keep a hot tub clean?

With hot tubs, prevention is #1. That means keeping your water chemistry in balance, making sure everyone showers before entering the tub, keeping your filters clean and changing out the water as needed.


How do I clean my filters?

We recommend deep cleaning your filters every week with the Pleatco Filter Cleaning Tablet. After soaking the filters with the tablet, you'll want to give them a good rinse off. We recommend a product like the Life Spa Water Wand to really give them a good rinse. The water wand is fantastic because it helps rinse out the filter in between the pleats.


How do I clean a yellow scum line?

Yellow scum lines are oil-based and often come from a skin-care product such as lotion or sun screen. A Zorbie Scum Collector will help prevent these. After a scum line appears, simply use a Spa Brush to brush it away.


How do I clean out sand or dirt from the bottom of the hot tub?

Use a Spa Vacuum to suck up any sand or dirt that's sitting on the bottom of the tub. Make sure to keep your spa vacuum in good working shape by clearing out the vacuum filter after each use.


How do I clean leaves floating on the water?

Use a Spa Surface Scoop to clean up any leaves or other debris that's floating on the water surface. Try to keep the hot tub cover closed as much as possible to prevent leaves from dropping onto the water.

Spa Scoop


How do I clean my hot tub cover?

Tree pollen and other particles can make the hot tub cover dirty. First I recommend using a hose to rinse off the top of the cover and wash away any dirt or debris. Then use some Dazzle Cover Cleanse & Protect to clean the top of the cover. This will help keep it clean and protects the vinyl from UV rays.


How do I clean the inside of the hot tub?

First treat the water with Dazzle Drain Prep, this is a strong detergent that cleans out the hot tub pipes and surfaces. Then, drain the hot tub. While the tub is empty, you can scrub the surfaces with Dazzle Tub Cleanse using a gentle scrubber such as The Spa Pad which is made from walnut shells. After the surfaces are clean you can re-fill the tub, balance the water chemistry and it should be good as new! Make sure to clean the filters as well.

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