Hot Tub Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your Hot Tub is a vital component of Hot Tub Ownership. At Hot Tub Supplies, we recommend that every owner learns how to maintain their hot tub and keep it running to its best capabilities at all times.

Bathing in your hot tub will quickly become slimy and gross without regular care. In this article, we talk about some effective & simple strategies to maintaining your Hot Tub for a perfect soak on every occasion. 

Learning these key components will give you ultimate confidence in maintaining a hot tub and will save you a huge amount of money in repairs etc. Check out the tips below!

Is a Hot Tub hard to maintain?

No! Take some time to develop a basic understanding of water chemistry and a schedule of simple tasks. Devote a little time each week to save yourself a lot of time in the future. Whether you use your Hot Tub daily or monthly, you will need to add chemicals, clean and drain once in a while

Daily Hot Tub Maintenance 

- We recommend to use a registered sanitizer after each use. This can be easily checked with a simple test strip

- Check your sanitizer levels even when not in use. 

- Ensure that water temperature is staying in the right spot

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

- Test other levels such as calcium, PH levels, Sanitizer etc. This can be completed using a test strip or taking to your local hot tub or pool store.

- Adjust levels if needed by adding plus or minus/ Sanitizer

- Rinse filters if required

- Use a net or skimmer to remove any contaminants that are sitting on the top of the water

Monthly Spa Maintenance

- Clean the filters out

- Check your jets and pump to ensure they are working properly

- Empty the Hot Tub water if needed and refill (flush the lines too if you like)

Beyond this we recommend filter replacements and flushing your system every 6 months.

 Using these methods above will help you to maintain clean and healthy water for every soak. These tips will also ensure that the internals of your Hot Tub work for as long as they possibly can. 

Try to write down a schedule or have a sheet of paper with your supplies that help you to remember to perform these simple duties on your tub. We promise that doing so will make for a better soak every time! 


Have a question about maintaining your Hot Tub? We are here to help, give us a call and let's chat!