Choosing the right Hot Tub for you. Inflatable, Swim Spa, Regular - Let's help you choose!

Owning a Hot Tub is like having access to a resort, in your own back yard! Hot Tubs are the perfect way to sooth worries and pains from the busy schedule that we all lead now a days. Hot Tub Ownership used to be something for the rich & famous, however now there is an option for absolutely everyone! 

Once you make the decision to invest in a Hot Tub, choosing the right type and model can be a big ask. We created this guide to help you choose the right model for you and your space!


When choosing a Hot Tub, it is important to consider the following factors:

Size and Space

The size is the first factor to tackle. Where will your hot tub be positioned? Is there enough space for people to get in, for maintenance? Is the Electrical in reach? We also want to consider seating options at this stage. The space will also have to be completely flat and on a stable ground. Whatever spot you pick, make sure you measure and allow enough space on at least two sides for entry and maintenance. 


It is important to decide on what you will be using the Hot Tub for before you purchase. Are you looking for somewhere to exercise? Perhaps you are looking for a Swim Spa if so, these provide room to swim as well as spa! Is it a family soak spot for summer? Then an Inflatable may be perfect for you! 


Are you buying the Hot Tub for personal use? Or perhaps you ahve a big family or are buying it with entertainment purposes in mind? If space is limited and it is just for you, you could opt for a 2-3 person Hot Tub. If you have more space you could look at options like a 6 seater with lounge or a Swim Spa. If you don't have a permanent, year around location for the tub, consider an Inflatable Hot Tub for this purpose.

Electrical Hook Up

If you are fixing a permanent, hard wired Hot Tub to your outdoor living space, these will be 240V. For Hot Tubs that need to be moved in the future, you would want to look at an MSPA, Intex or Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub which connects to a 120 volt outlet. 240V spas heat faster, stay warm longer and have more features than a Plug N Play generally. 


Acrylic is the most common spa shell material, but roto-cast polymer, vinyl and wood are also options. The spa shell not only determines the look of the hot tub, but also its cost, insulation, and strength. 


Acrylic Shell

Acrylic hot tubs are beautiful, durable, and versatile. Molds form it into contoured shapes for comfortable, form-fitting seating in a range of sizes. Generally supported by a frame, a wood or synthetic cabinet surrounds the spa. The equipment is completely contained within the surround.

Acrylic hot tub prices vary from a few grand to over $15,000, but high prices don’t mean high value. Skip the dealer, buy online and get more tub for less money, without skimping on quality.

Vinyl Soft Tubs & Blow-Up Spas

The vinyl hot tub is a low cost option with very few features. There are two types of vinyl spa: the cheap inflatable and the more expensive soft-sided spa.

Inflatable hot tubs are a short-term option for those looking to have a hot tub for one to two seasons. 

Soft-sided vinyl hot tubs are true portable spas. The shell and cabinet is replaced with vinyl and foam over a frame. These small hot tubs have no real seating other than the floor itself. Jetting is minimal, and the feature set is meager.


Hot Tubs run with a few basic pieces of equipment. They have a pump to move water, a Spa Pack to control the functions (circuitry), A heater to warm the water and a few other pieces to make it all connect. We highly reommend Hot Tubs with Balboa or Gecko internal parts. We believe these brands to be a great industry standard!

Another thing to look at regarding mechanics is how many jets your hot tub has


Are you adverse to chemical use? Perhaps you prefer a natural soak or react to chemicals? A regular Hot Tub will generally require weekly chemical maintenance with chlorine or bromine. Perhaps an inflatable which you can drain after use is the best solution for you if this is the case

I am ready to buy, what now?

We generally have three different options when it comes down to where to buy the Hot Tub from. This is a big purchase so we recommend doing your research and reading reviews/ speaking to professionals to help you make your decision. 

Spa Dealer - Buy directly from a dealership, there are many local dealers who can help you to choose the right tub for you, be aware of common tricks and always buy from a reputable source. 

Big Box Stores - Big stores generally lack expertise in this field, they have low cost deals that can save you money but cannot provide you with any help along the way

Online Stores (like ours):

Anyone can start an online store, without ever having industry experience. Buying a Hot Tub sight unseen has become extremely popular as it is a great way to save money whilst still choosing the best tub for you. With online, make sure you buy from a repuatable dealer or store. Make sure they know what they are talking about and that they will stand by their products.


We have an amazing selection of Hot Tubs, Swim Spas and Inflatable Hot Tubs for you to choose between! Feel welcome to give us a call anytime and we are happy to run through your choices with you and to help you choose the right model for you and your space.

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